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About OntosLogos

Dedication is a privilege

We're Marketing Group of different professionals in design, web, graphics and marketing research.

Our advantage is - full service. From research, marketing objectives, creating logo, color scheme, choosing keywords, drawing or shooting photos... uploading web presentation.

Of course, we prepare and deliver complete marketing arsenal. From vizit cards, posters, T-shirts, Notebooks... PowerPoint presentations.


Customized Graphics

Under a microscope

Specialized in a Raster on Demand drawings

If you need something that never has drawn, or some unique picture that differentiate your work from others. Copy pasting from web isn't great remark of your work. Certainly not.

Do unique or don't show! We can draw whatever you can achieve.

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Vector design

First step is the Logo - !important

Your Logo is your picture. And probably more than that. Visual impact on your clients, short story about your products, alter ego of every company... First step on the branding roud.

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Web based design

Anything that you need for your company web presentation.

Domain name + Hosting + Mockup + Pictures + Web design + Online Under Construction version + Analytics + Email templates.

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what make us different?

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